About the Photographer

Welcome to Bayou Blessings Photography web page.  Have a look around and enjoy the sightings of South Louisiana and other lagniappe photographed by local photographer, Tracie Bruno.

Houma, Louisiana native, now residing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Tracie's admiration for capturing the many blessings of God’s creation started as a child.  As she grew older, that passion lead her to wedding and portrait photography in the film days.  Today, she's drawn back to her roots to photograph the art of swamps and bayous, as time allows with her family.  Capturing and sharing the beauty of what Cajun Country has to offer, such as its wildlife and spectacular unique views, is the Blessing.

B.B.'s Photography comes from her grandmother's nickname, "B.B.".  Ma-Maw B.B. was born in 1926 and was raised "down the bayou" near Houma, LA.  She had a camera in her hand as far back as she can remember. To this day she continues to enjoy taking pictures and is known by many for doing so everywhere she goes sharing those blessings with the world around her. Ma-Maw B.B. bought Tracie's first camera when she was a little girl, and over the years she picked up the nickname, “B.B., Jr.".  Tracie says, "More than that, what she has given me in spiritual terms is far greater than what can be purchased.  Her deep love for God and faith in Jesus Christ has been an aid and witness to sacred grace in my own journey to Christ's heart.  The greatest blessing!"

Tracie continues to explain, "Having these 'blessings of the bayou' frozen through the lens of the camera, allows us to view these images for years to come. As I view them, it brings me right back to those moments.  I recall many joy-filled experiences growing up and I'm so grateful to be able to savor those memories that are given to us by God in the sceneries around us.  While there are so many blessings that have come from my upbringing, I enjoy making memories for my own children to one day look back on as well as creating and preserving moments for others to savor and share those blessings with the world around them.

Blessings From up the Bayou!

RIP MA-MAW BB 1926-2019